Know The Roulette Strategy

Do you want to win at roulette? If yes, then you need to know about the strategy that can help you win the bets on roulette game.

In roulette, the edge of the house is same for all the bets. The only exception is the five-way betting on a double zero machine, that gives a greater edge for the casino house. Hence, you can choose any number or set of numbers to test your luck.

The main roulette strategy is to choose a table offering better odds. Indeed, this increases your chances of winning at roulette. In fact, it offers you with different winning odds, so wisely choose the table that has the best odds for you to win.

In North America, you will mostly find the conventional double zero wheels. They offer the house with an edge of around 5.26 %, and if chosen, outcomes as a bad roulette strategy for the players. On the other hand, the European casinos have single zero wheels that offer the house with an edge of only 2.70%. Hence, a good roulette strategy is to bet on single zero wheels rather than double-zero wheels, as the casinos have less odds of taking most of your profits.

In addition, in Europe, there is a unique variation known “En Prison” that decreases the edge of the casino house to 1.35% and hence offers better odds for roulette enthusiasts.

Finally, stick to the bets having lower odds and never bet on a single number. Playing black or red gives only 50% opportunity to win, taking the house edge to a great level.

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